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Conference New techologies in hydraulic facilities construction, dock-side facilities and navigational systems

   12-13 March
We kindly invite you to participate in the seminar "New technologies in hydraulic facilities construction, dock-side facilities and navigational systems" which is to be held on 12-13 March 2009, at the "Primore" Hotel (resort town 30 kilometers from the port of Novorossiysk)

Conference Program

Seminar program 'New techologies in hydraulic facilities construction, dock-side facilities and navigational systems' 12-13 March 2009, Gelendzhik, 'Primore' Hotel

12th of March

9:00-10:00 Participants' registration and seminar materials distribution

The place - 'Primore' Hotel, the conference hall Research-and-production centre of materials and admixtures Modern technologies and materials for hydraulic facilities By Sergei Kostyrya, chief engineer Novorossiysk hydrometeorological office The questions of specialized hydrometeorological information provision of the Azov and Black sea ports By Alexei Ponomarev, director ThyssenKrupp GfT Bautechnik GmbH 'Technological features in the application area of anchor piles 'Titan' By Alexei Yunker, geotechnical chief engineer

11:30-12:00 coffee-break

Moscow state water transport academy Steel shaped floors as boxing and reinforcement of monolithic constructions By Irina Rumyantseva, Water ways and ports department head 'Koltech Internatijnal' 'Applicaition of polyurea coatings in engineering facilities' By Sergei Antonov, protective coating department head 'SpetsMontazhStroy' 'Application of engineering innovation while building operation in the activity of hudraylic engineering structures at Ust'-Luga commercial sea port and at the Complex of protective structures in Saint Petersburg against flood' By Mikhail Kyz'min, technical director Marine construction and technology Modern technological solutions when designing hydraulic facilities By Mikhail Nikolaevskiy, general director

13:30-14:30 Lunch at the resturant 'Trophy'

'Emlak' 'The main choice principles of lacquer coating systems to protect hydraulic facilities and equipment against corrosion' By Anna Somsonova, chief specialist on anticorrosive coating Marine bridge and navigation systems 'Conceptual solutions for integrated security systems of water areas' By Artem Popok, deputy department head 'Fertoing' 'Hydrographic insurance of safety navigation within the water areas and approaches to ports of the Russian Federation' By Ilya Logvinov, hydrographic works department head

18:00-21:00 evening reception on behalf of the Organizing Committee at the restaurant 'Ukrainskiy dvorik'


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