«Grain Forum 2024. Dubai»

International conference

20-21 February 2024
Dubai, UAE


International «Grain Forum 2024. Dubai»
International «Grain Forum 2024. Dubai»
International «Grain Forum 2024. Dubai»
International «Grain Forum 2024. Dubai»
International «Grain Forum 2024. Dubai»
International «Grain Forum 2024. Dubai»
International «Grain Forum 2024. Dubai»
International «Grain Forum 2024. Dubai»
International «Grain Forum 2024. Dubai»
International «Grain Forum 2024. Dubai»
International «Grain Forum 2024. Dubai»
International «Grain Forum 2024. Dubai»
International «Grain Forum 2024. Dubai»
International «Grain Forum 2024. Dubai»
International «Grain Forum 2024. Dubai»
International «Grain Forum 2024. Dubai»
International «Grain Forum 2024. Dubai»
International «Grain Forum 2024. Dubai»
International «Grain Forum 2024. Dubai»

On February 21, 2024 II international "Grain Forum 2024. Dubai" forum finished its work. Event gathered more than 1000 delegates from 40 countries: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Austria, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Denmark, Great Britain, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Serbia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Iran, India, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, UAE, Oman, Ethiopia, Egypt, Pakistan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Australia. Today it is the largest business event dedicated to grains and oilseeds trade. Forum is organized by BSForum and ICF – International conferences.

Dubai forum became new, important and independent platform for Russian grain and oilseed producers with buyers from North Africa and Middle East countries.

Why Dubai? World is seen better from Dubai than from Geneva... World grains, pulses and oilseeds trade is gradually shifting to the East. Companies responsible not only for trade in MENA region but also for global directions are increasingly being registered in Dubai.

Businesses not limited by sanctions and prejudices of the Western world, feel more at ease in one of the Persian Gulf monarchies than in Geneva, which has ceased to be a neutral and safe haven for commodity traders. Russian and Belarusian citizens are no longer allowed to attend major business events. Real Nazism.

But gradually, though not immediately, a pool of insurance, legal, financial and transport companies will be formed in Dubai, which will serve the expanding trade, including between the BRICS countries.

Dubai already has become a new center for grain trade, especially important for Russian exports. This is no coincidence, because MENA region is one of the largest grain markets, where more than 50% of the world's barley imports, more than 25% of wheat and corn are supplied. MENA countries are one of the main markets for Russian grain.

Formation of a new global center for agricultural trade is facilitated by such large-scale events in Dubai as the "Gulfood" exhibition and "Grain Forum. Dubai" conference. All major Russian exporters and leading international traders took part in the forum dedicated to topical issues of Russian grain and oilseeds trade.

During the Forum the most important issues of transformation of Russian agricultural products trade were discussed in details: Russian agricultural exports admission to new foreign markets; transition to mutual settlements in national currencies; rejection of foreign trading; problems of logistics of export supplies; new procedure for Russian grain trading based on an exchange auction; government loans issuance to the largest importers of Russian grain. In the context of escalating relations with Western countries and increasing sanctions pressure on Russia, these and other measures will significantly transform the global grain trade in favor of Russia, contributing to the fight against world hunger.

Conference sponsors:

General Partner Agrozan is an international agri-business company engaged in origination, processing and trading of Grains, Oilseeds & Edible Oils, Animal Feed & Meals, Pulses, Rice & Sugar, Spices and Edible Nuts.

Official Bank Moscow Client Bank is a general–purpose bank providing a wide range of products and services in various industries, including agro–industrial complex. MCB ranks 2nd in terms of assets among private banks and 7th among all financial and credit institutions in Russia.

Export partner - Europac is a transport and logistics company providing services for bulk cargoes transportation and transshipment, leader in the field of bulk cargoes transportation by flexitanks.

Official partner - TopFrame is a team of professionals providing inspection services for for cereals, oilseeds and vegetable oils and laboratory research.

Section Sponsor - Top Grain is a company that has existed since 2005 and over the years of its operation has established itself as a reliable supplier of high-quality agricultural products from Russia to the global market.

“Grain Forum 2024. Dubai” program

February 20
First Day of the Forum

08:30–10:00 Registration, welcome coffee

10:00–12:00 I Plenary session
Global and domestic food security: balance of interests for sustainable grain supplies.

Session moderator: Eduard Zernin, Chairman of the Russian Union of Grain Exporters (RUSGRAIN UNION)

During the session will be discussed:
  • Russian grain and pulses role in global food security system;
  • Russian grain exporters transition to direct supplies to friendly countries, problems of hidden sanctions barriers in settlements and logistics;
  • Friendly countries’ role in organizing a sustainable process of Russian grain supplies, BRICS Grain Exchange project.

Discussion participants:

  • Oksana Lut, First Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Russian Federation
  • Ahmet Guldal, Board Chairman and General Manager, Turkish Grain Board
  • Mohammed Sebgui, Director, Office National Interprofessionnel des Cereales et des Legumineuses (ONICL)
  • Josh Martin, ME Solaris Commodities DMCC
  • Ozan Ozturk, Managing Director, Agrozan Commodities
  • Bimal Kothari, Chairman, India Pulses and Grains Association

11:00–12:20 Coffee break

12:30–14:00 II Discussion session
Russian grain and oilseeds on the Middle East and North Africa markets. Pitfalls and export prospects.

Session moderator: Eduard Zernin, Chairman of the Russian Union of Grain Exporters (RUSGRAIN UNION).

During the session will be discussed:
  • export potential and competitive advantages of Russian agricultural products and main supply directions;
  • grain exchange trading development in Russia, opportunities for importers;
  • hidden barriers on the way of Russian grain to countries in need.

Discussion participants:

  • Ksenia Bolomatova, Deputy General Director, OZK Group
  • Evgeniya Dudinova, Procurement Director, Agthia Group
  • Nikita Zakharov, Director, National Mercantile Exchange
  • Ishan Bhanu, Lead Agricultural Commodities Analyst at «Kpler»
  • Oleg Kryukovsky, trader, grain market expert

14:00–15:30 Lunch. Meetings, negotiations

15:30-17:00 III session
External factors and their impact on Russian exports.

Session moderator: Nikolay Dunaev, Chairman of Board at “Sibirya Agricultural Export Import Incorporated”

During the session will be discussed:
  • Russian agricultural products export potential and main export directions; - what barriers hinder Russian agricultural products export?
  • problems of export logistics;
  • global geopolitical and economic crises impact on the grain shipping market
  • problems of export supplies financing;
  • problems and prospects of exporting flour and finished grain products from Russia to the world market.

Discussion participants:

  • Andrey Dalnov, Head of the Center for Industry Expertise, Rosselkhozban
  • Igor Pavenskiy, head of agricultural market analysis department at “Rusagrotrans”
  • Liudvig Tarkhanian, general director at “Evropac”
  • Evgeniy Gurkin, Vice President at “MKB” bank
  • Evgeniy Novikov, general director at “TopFrame”
  • Alexander Mishin, Director, Kisamos Shipping

17:00–17:30 Coffee break

17:30-19:00 IV Discussion session
Niche cultures. World market and Russian role in international trade.

Session moderator: Ozan Ozturk, managing director at “Agrozan Commodities”

During the session will be discussed:
  • consumer demand for pulses state in Turkey, Pakistan, Egypt and other key importers;
  • has the problem of financing imports from the main consumers been solved?
  • should leading exporters expect tougher competition on the global stage?
  • prospects for exporting peas and chickpeas from Russia to world markets;
  • quality problems and access to new markets for Russian agricultural products.

Discussion participants:

  • Sumit Gupta, Executive Director at “McDonald&Pelz”
  • Cem Bogusoglu, Head of Pulses Trading at “Prograin Grains Trading”
  • Sergey Pluzhnikov, head of “Russian Pulses Analytics”
  • Ivan Basov, senior trader at “Black Soil”
  • Andrey Dalnov, Head of the Center for Industry Expertise, Rosselkhozbank
  • Irina Sarycheva, Technical Governance and Customer Care Manager Eastern Europe Region, SGS Vostok Limited

19:30–22:00 Grain Gala Dinner

Conference Participants

Managing companies, Agricultural holdings, Traders, Exporters

  • Abbey Commodities DMCC (UAE)
  • ADM Medsofts (Egypt)
  • AgFlow SA (Switzerland)
  • Agrocor (Russia)
  • AgroExport-South (Russia)
  • Agromarket (Russia)
  • Agromax (Russia)
  • Agro Metal FZCO (UAE)
  • Agro Nan Export (Kazakhstan)
  • Agro Resource (Turkey)
  • Agroprice (Russia)
  • AgroPrime (Russia)
  • Agora (Russia)
  • Agora Region (Russia)
  • Agris Commodities FZCO (UAE)
  • Agrix (Azerbaijan)
  • Agro Balkan Export Import DOO Beograd (Serbia)
  • Agro Trade House (Switzerland)
  • Agro-Torg Grupp (Russia)
  • Agro-Trading Company Tellus (Russia)
  • Agranda Egypt (Egypt)
  • AgroClub (Russia)
  • Agrofidelity (Kazakhstan)
  • AgroFood (Russia)
  • Agro-Industrial Corporation AST Company M (Russia)
  • AgroIndustrial Enterprise Avrora (Russia)
  • Agroresurs 21 (Russia)
  • Agrosila-Commertsiya (Russia)
  • Agrosouz (Russia)
  • AgroStroyResurs (Russia)
  • Agro-Tema (Russia)
  • Agrotrade (Russia)
  • Agrozan Commodities (UAE)
  • AGS Foods DMCC (UAE)
  • Agribrokers International BV (Netherlands)
  • Agthia Group PJSC (UAE)
  • Akhdar Trading DMCC (UAE)
  • Al Assyl Group (Egypt)
  • Al Dahra (UAE)
  • Al Ghurair Resources International (UAE)
  • Alliance Trade (Russia)
  • Altay food company (Russia)
  • AlyansTransTorg (Russia)
  • «Ak Bars» Holding company (Russia)
  • ANG Group (Estonia)
  • Angoram Gida/Anagro Grain DMCC (Turkey/UAE)
  • AnyGrain International AG (Switzerland)
  • ARASCO GTU (Saudi Arabia)
  • Arion Tarım Ticaret Limited Şirketi (Turkey)
  • Armada Foods (Turkey)
  • Artagro (Russia)
  • Artam Group (Russia)
  • A-Salt Group (Russia)
  • AS Letofin (Estonia)
  • ASSCC «Krestiansky Soyuz» (Russia)
  • Astra Group (Egypt)
  • Aston (Russia)
  • Aston Agro-Industrial SA (Switzerland)
  • Aston FFI DMCC (UAE)
  • Avangard (Russia)
  • Aves Agro Rus LLC (Russia)
  • Aves International (UAE)
  • Avgust-Agro (Russia)
  • Avrora Baltic (Latvia)
  • Azimut Commodity Trading DMCC (UAE)
  • AZM Agro (Russia)
  • BAGS Grain Handels (Austria)
  • Bashan Agro (Turkey)
  • Basis Commodities (Australia)
  • BD Resources DWC (UAE)
  • Belkhiminvest (Russia)
  • Bestsender (Russia)
  • BiTrade Agro (Turkey)
  • ⁠Bio-Ton Agri Corp (Russia)
  • Black Soil (UAE)
  • Blago Group (Russia)
  • Bosphorus Merchants (Turkey)
  • Bunge (Turkey)
  • Burston Trading FZE (UAE)
  • Cargill International SA (Switzerland)
  • Caspian Agro (Russia)
  • CBS Commodities (Russia)
  • Cereal Crops Trading (UAE)
  • Chilalo Food Complex (Ethiopia)
  • CM Navigator A/S (Switzerland)
  • Commodities Trading (Russia)
  • Commodity Point (Russia)
  • Commodity Trading (UAE)
  • Copenhagen Merchants (Denmark)
  • Copenhagen Merchants (Switzerland)
  • Cotra Sal Ltd (Cyprus)
  • Dabro Sarl (Switzerland)
  • DeAgro (Russia)
  • Delway DMCC (UAE)
  • Demetra-Holding (Russia)
  • Dina Food Processing (Ethiopia)
  • Distribution Center (Russia)
  • DM AgroTrade (Russia)
  • Dognus (Lithuania)
  • Don Export Company (Russia)
  • Dostavka Morem (Russia)
  • EFKO Group of Companies (Russia)
  • Eesti Viljasalv (Estonia)
  • EkoNiva-APK Holding (Russia)
  • Enaz Tarim Sanayi ve Dis Ticaret LTD.STI. (Turkey)
  • Erisler Gida Sanayi Ticaret AS (Turkey)
  • Eurasia Grain Trade (Kazakhstan)
  • Expo-Line-Plus (Russia)
  • Export-Grain (Russia)
  • Farm "Vasilek" (Belarus)
  • Fatexpro (Georgia)
  • FCC PIONEER (Kazakhstan)
  • FEEDCO Investment company (Saudi Arabia)
  • Fergus Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan)
  • Fertile Import and Export (Turkey)
  • Fortuna Trading DMCC (UAE)
  • Gefest Agro (Russia)
  • GET Brokers (Switzerland)
  • GITC (Singapore)
  • GK Agrost (Russia)
  • Global Commodities and Logistics Limited (Turkey)
  • Globex Grain (Russia)
  • Govinda (Russia)
  • Grain Gates (Russia)
  • Grain Lines (Russia)
  • Grains Middle East Trading (UAE)
  • Grain Service (Russia)
  • Grain Trade Solutions (Jordan)
  • Grainrus (Russia)
  • Grainrus Agro (Russia)
  • Grainrus Trade (Russia)
  • Granolux (Russia)
  • Group of Companies "Business Partner" (Russia)
  • Gtrade System Suisse (Switzerland)
  • H.Bögel GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
  • Hardy Corporation (South Korea)
  • Hermes Agrotrade (Russia)
  • Hitit Ag/Bek Tarim (Switzerland/Turkey)
  • Independent Expert (UAE)
  • IE Morozova E.G. (Russia)
  • IE Tersenova T. V. (Russia)
  • IE Yarakhmedov K. G. (Russia)
  • International Bulk Supply Company AG (Switzerland)
  • Invictus Trading FZE (UAE)
  • Ipek Agro Gida San. Tic. A.S. (Turkey)
  • JML Brokers (Turkey)
  • JSW International (Singapore)
  • Ital-Bras srl (Italy)
  • KM (Russia)
  • Kogex DMCC (UAE)
  • Korel Trade Company (Switzerland)
  • KRC "EFKO-Kaskad" (Russia)
  • Kronmark (Estonia)
  • Krasnodarzernoprodukt-Expo (Russia)
  • Linora Middle East Kernel - FZE (UAE)
  • Louis Dreyfus Company (Switzerland)
  • Mahsul Trading and Services DMCC (UAE)
  • Masloprodukt (Russia)
  • Maslozavod Tretyakovskiy (Russia)
  • MaxiGroup (China/UAE)
  • McDonald&Pelz (India)
  • Meke Commodity Trade House DMCC (UAE)
  • ME Solaris Commodities (UAE)
  • Medi̇terra Agro Tarim Ti̇caret A.Ş. (Turkey)
  • Mehr Sanat (Petkus MENA) (Iran)
  • MEZ YUG RUSI (Russia)
  • Midstar FZE (UAE)
  • Modus Commodity Service (Latvia)
  • Monarch (Russia)
  • MPM GIDA SAN. VE TİC. A.Ş. (Turkiye)
  • MZK Export (Russia)
  • Nevsky (Russia)
  • NMGK Group (Russia)
  • Novgorodproduct (Russia)
  • Novosibirsk food corporation (Russia)
  • Novosibirskhleboprodukt (Russia)
  • Ocean Invest Holding Co. (China)
  • Ofis Yem A.S. (Turkey)
  • Oils and Grains DMCC (UAE)
  • Omega Business (Russia)
  • Oreol (Russia)
  • Orient Agro (Russia)
  • OZK Group (Russia)
  • OZK Trading (Russia)
  • Pallada (Russia)
  • Panamax (Russia)
  • Parfenovskoe (Russia)
  • Razdolie-Export (Russia)
  • PC Agrosib (Russia)
  • PE Suleimenov Uakhit Khasenovich (Russia)
  • Petkus MENA (UAE)
  • Petrokhleb-Kuban (Russia)
  • PKF Volga-Port (Russia)
  • Primary Grano Trade (Kazakhstan)
  • Primtex (Russia)
  • Production Association Kurganinskagrokhim (Russia)
  • Promaksgrai̇n (Turkey)
  • Rasskazovskoe (Russia)
  • Qingdao Kaitou Supply Chain Management Co. Ltd (China)
  • Ragrow AG (Switzerland)
  • Randli Agrar Kft (Hungary)
  • Rassvet (Russia)
  • Real Agro (Russia)
  • Real Deal Merchants DMCC (UAE)
  • Rebrovskoe (Russia)
  • Resource-South TC (Russia)
  • Respect Agro DMCC (UAE)
  • Rezana Food Trading (UAE)
  • ROOT Group (RAF Service) (Russia)
  • Ruffato Italia Srl (Italy)
  • Rusagro Group Oils and Fats Division (Russia)
  • Rusagrotrade (Russia)
  • RusAlphaTrade (Russia)
  • RZ Agro (Russia)
  • Samarakhlebexport (Russia)
  • Samsun Tarsam Tarim Urunleri Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S. (Turkey)
  • Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Company (Saudi Arabia)
  • SD Bi̇tki̇sel Yağ San Ve Ti̇c Ltd (Turkey)
  • Sea&Railway Cargo Trading (UAE)
  • Sea Agro Trade (Russia)
  • Sea One Sea Co. (Iran)
  • September (Russia)
  • Shadrinsky Combine of Khleboproduktov (Russia)
  • Shenzhen Zhengdong Import and Export Co Ltd (Forward East) (China)
  • Siberian Feed Company (Russia)
  • Sibirya Agriculture Export Import (Turkey)
  • Sierentz Global Merchants Vostok (Russia)
  • Silal Food & Technology (UAE)
  • Skopa (Russia)
  • SofiGrain (Russia)
  • Soham Global DMCC (UAE)
  • Sovas Grains (France)
  • Soytex (Turkey)
  • Soytex (Russia)
  • Soyuz (Russia)
  • Specagroservice (Russia)
  • SPK Trading House Limited (Hong Kong)
  • Stimpex SA (Switzerland)
  • StoneX (UK)
  • Strand (Russia)
  • Strelezkoe-Agrotrade (Russia)
  • Sungate Commodities DMCC (UAE)
  • Sunstone Brokers SA (Switzerland)
  • TC Sigma (Russia)
  • TD Export (Russia)
  • TD Fregat (Russia)
  • Team Agro Gida San Ve Ti̇c A.Ş. (Turkey)
  • TEGI (UAE)
  • Torgagroproduct (Russia)
  • Trade Agro (Russia)
  • Trading House "Agrocultura-ST" (Russia)
  • Tianjin “5 Grains” Consulting Service Co.Ltd (China)
  • Tiryaki Agro (Turkey)
  • TMK (Kazakhstan)
  • Top Grain (Russia)
  • Tose’e Tejarat Zarrin Gostar Raamaan (Iran)
  • Trade House “RIF” (Russia)
  • Trade House Zernotex (Russia)
  • Trading House "Dominant" (Russia)
  • Trading House “Zerno Zavolzhya” (Russia)
  • Trading House Agroholding Steppe (Russia)
  • Trading House Veselyi melnik (Russia)
  • Trans Oil Refinery (Moldova)
  • United Feed Company (Saudi Arabia)
  • VA Intertrading (Austria)
  • Valmare Energy Trading FZCO (UAE)
  • VBGrains SRL (Italy)
  • Ventogreen (Russia)
  • Vetin (Russia)
  • Vicorus SA (Switzerland)
  • Vikor (Russia)
  • VIO-Trade (Russia)
  • Viterra Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan)
  • Volga Optima (Russia)
  • Volgatrade (Russia)
  • Wellington Marketing FZE (UAE)
  • West Gulf Commodity Trading DMCC (UAE)
  • WildAgri DMCC (UAE)
  • WWT Company DMCC (UAE)
  • Yarovinka (Russia)
  • Zagotovka 2017 (Russia)
  • ZDM-Group (Russia)
  • Zerno-Torg (Russia)
  • Zerno-Trade (Russia)
  • ZernoTrade (Russia)

Flour milling enterprises

  • Al Ain Mills (UAE)
  • Al Khaleej Grand Mills (Oman)
  • First Flour Mill (Russia)
  • Gosudarev Barn (Russia)
  • Kazan Mill (Russia)
  • Saburovskiy Kombinat Hleboproductov (Russia)

Grain terminals, port operators

  • Alpha Osta Ltd. (Latvia)
  • DeloPorts (Russia)
  • DP World (UAE)
  • Dry port Chaykovsky (Russia)
  • Izberdey Group of Companies (Russia)
  • Izmalkovsky elevator (Russia)
  • KSK Grain Terminal (Russia)
  • LugaPort, Novotrans Group of companies (Russia)
  • Novorossiysk Grain Plant (Russia)
  • Novospassk elevator (Russia)
  • ParadiZ Grain Impex SIA (Russia)
  • Port of Sillamäe (Estonia)
  • PORT ONE Group (Russia)
  • Port Togliatti (Russia)
  • Port Vysotsky (Russia)
  • RAK Ports (UAE)
  • Riga Bulk Terminal (Latvia)
  • Sea Cargo Terminal «KAVKAZ» (Russia)
  • Ventspils Grain Terminal (Latvia)
  • Zhitnica (Russia)

Freight forwarding companies

  • AGT CARGO (Azerbaijan)
  • Akkon Shipping Rus (Russia)
  • Alto Logistics (Kazakhstan)
  • Ande Logistics Services (Turkey)
  • Astyk Trans (Kazakhstan)
  • Arvensa Transport (Russia)
  • Atatrans Logistics (Turkey)
  • BSG Terminal SIA (Latvia)
  • Business trade Logistics (Russia)
  • D-RailTrans (Russia)
  • ESTMA St Petersburg (Russia)
  • Evropac (Russia)
  • FESCO (Russia)
  • Galeas (Russia)
  • GL Grain Logist (Russia)
  • Logisticheskiy Centr N Limited Trade Development (Russia)
  • MCT Shipping Service (Russia)
  • MG Trade (Latvia)
  • Multitrade PTE. LTD (Turkey)
  • Nawinia Rus (Russia)
  • NS Trans (Russia)
  • Omskiy Brokers (Russia)
  • Optimal Shipping Group (Azerbaijan)
  • Pro Logistic Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan)
  • Pro Logistic Consultancy DWC (Latvia)
  • Sea Lion (Russia)
  • ST Group (Russia)
  • TBI-Logistics (Russia)
  • TBI-Service (Russia)
  • TLK VL Logistic (Russia)
  • Transport Company "Krestianka"
  • FV Gradalogistic (Belarus)
  • Yeisk Fairway (Russia)

Railway operators

  • CargoAgroCom (Russia)
  • Novotrans Group of companies (Russia)
  • Rail Cargo Group (Russia)
  • Rusagrotrans (Demetra-Holding) (Russia)
  • Ruscon (Russia)
  • Shoshtrans (Uzbekistan)
  • Tehnotrans (Russia)
  • TransAlliance West (Russia)

Shipping companies, chartering brokers

  • Alcos Transport (Bulgaria)
  • Angara Denizcilik ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi (Turkey)
  • Anson Logistics (Russia)
  • AK Shipbrokers (Russia)
  • Akson Shipping (Turkey)
  • Akson Bosa Chartering (Turkey)
  • Alliance Maritime Agency (Russia)
  • Arian Sea Scent Group of Company (Iran)
  • ARRC DMCC (Russia)
  • ARRC Line (Russia)
  • Azovtorgflot (Russia)
  • Aqua Chartering Istanbul (Turkey)
  • BF Tanker (Russia)
  • Borachart Ship Chartering Services (Turkey)
  • Bosa Chartering (Turkey)
  • Consult Shipping (Russia)
  • Coolbulk Ltd (Cyprus)
  • Cunda Shipping (Turkey)
  • Donrechflot (Russia)
  • DRAGOS SHIPPING LIMITED on behalf of Heavenfreight (Serbia)
  • Ilya Muromets (Russia)
  • Four Winds (Russia)
  • Forsa Shipping and Trading Ltd (Turkey)
  • GFC Shipping&Trading Co (Turkey)
  • Glander International Bunkering (UAE)
  • Grain Compass Shipping (UAE)
  • Green and Black Shipbrokers (Netherlands)
  • Gulf Shipbrokers Dubai (UAE)
  • Harmony Bulkers DMCC (UAE)
  • Ingria Shipping (Russia)
  • InterTrans (Bulgaria)
  • Iskele Shipping (Turkey)
  • Kisamos Shipping DMCC (UAE)
  • Klip Marine Shipmanagement (Estonia)
  • MAG Brokerage Ltd (Turkey)
  • Marinerus (Russia)
  • Matrix (Russia)
  • Merchanta Oceanica (Russia)
  • Meridian (Greece)
  • Movers Shipping (Turkey)
  • MT Group (SeaEnergy) (Russia)
  • Navi Bulk Limited (UAE)
  • Nitro Shipping (Russia)
  • Nitro Shipping (Serbia)
  • Northbulk (Turkey)
  • OSS (Russia)
  • Overseas Express LLC (Russia)
  • Pola Rise (Russia)
  • Port Trans Service (Russia)
  • ProChart (Russia)
  • RIX Shipmanagement Ltd. (Latvia)
  • SC "Astrol" (Russia)
  • SC Logomarine (Russia)
  • SFR Shipping & Trading (Turkey)
  • Shipping Company Donmortrans (Russia)
  • Tenpoint Logistics DMCC (UAE)
  • TTS Shipping (Turkey)
  • Vestra Marine (Cyprus)
  • Volga Shipping (Russia)
  • Worldwide Bunkering DMCC (UAE)
  • Yildiran Denizcilik (Turkey)


  • Ace Global Depisitory DMCC (UAE)
  • Bureau Veritas Rus (Russia)
  • Control Union Russia (Russia)
  • Commodity Inspection Services BV (Netherlands)
  • Cotecna Inspection (Vostok) (Russia)
  • General Survey Inspection (Russia)
  • General Survey Inspection (Kazakhstan)
  • General Survey Inspection (Turkey)
  • Incolab Services R.S.C. (Russia)
  • Incolab Services (Latvia)
  • Incolab Services S.A (Turkey)
  • Intertek Rus (Russia)
  • Proex (Russia)
  • Saybolt Russia, Southern branch (Russia)
  • SGS (Turkey)
  • SGS Vostok Limited (Latvia)
  • SGS Vostok Limited (SGS group) (Russia)
  • Tankoil Group (Egypt)
  • TopFrame (Russia)

Protective equipment and fertilizers

  • Business Partner (Russia)

Manufacturing enterprises, factories

  • Alapala (Turkey)
  • Altinbi̇lek Maki̇na İnş. San. Ve. Tic. A. Ş. (Turkey)
  • FSBI "Agroexport" (Russia)
  • Injaz Aletehad Investment Co (Saudi Arabia)
  • Sevkavelevatorspetsstroy Corporation (SKESS) (Russia)
  • Turkish Grain Board (Turkey)

Banks, insurance, law firms

  • Asian-Pacific Bank (Russia)
  • Astarta - Insurance (Russia)
  • Belgorodsocbank (Russia)
  • Branch of "Insurance company "PARI" in Rostov-on-Don (Russia)
  • Branch of "Insurance company "PARI" in St. Petersburg (Russia)
  • CIM Banque (Switzerland)
  • Commodities Trading (Russia)
  • Diot Siaci (France)
  • Emirates Islamic Bank (UAE)
  • Emirates NBD (UAE)
  • Gazprombank (Russia)
  • Hydrogenium Insurance Brokers (Latvia)
  • Ingosstrakh Insurance Company
  • Lions Marine (Russia)
  • Max Marine (Russia)
  • Maritime Risk Management (Cyprus)
  • MCG "Bona Fides" (Russia)
  • Moscow Client Bank (Russia)
  • Moscow Exchange (Russia)
  • NTB (Moscow Exchange group) (Russia)
  • Russian Agricultural Bank (Russia)
  • Sberbank (Russia)
  • Sovcombank (Russia)
  • Transocean Risk Solutions (Russia)
  • VSK Insurance House (Russia)
  • VTB Bank (Russia)

Ministries, departments and professional associations

  • Centre of Grain Quality Assurance (Russia)
  • General Food Security Authority (Saudi Arabia)
  • Global Pulses Confederation
  • Ministry of Agriculture of Russian Federation (Russia)
  • ONICL (Morocco)
  • Rosagroleasing (Russia)
  • Rusgrain Union (Russia)
  • Russian-Chinese Guild of Commerce (Russia)
  • TCP (Pakistan)
  • Turkish Grain Board (Turkey)


  • CBG (Russia)
  • INFRA SOFT (Russia)
  • Kpler (UAE)
  • Press
  • Salpama DMCC (UAE)
  • Sicilian Wheat Bank (Italy)
  • Strategy Partners
  • Zernoproekt (Russia)

Place of holding

Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City
Dubai, UAE

Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City Hotel is located in the Sheikh Zayed Highway area of Dubai, next to the Dubai Water Canal and 2.5 km from the Burj Khalifa Skyscraper. It offers a terrace and a year—round outdoor pool. From the hotel, you can go directly to the "La Pearl" Water Theater under the direction of Franco Dragone, where the first permanent show in the region is held, reflecting the spirit of Dubai.

All rooms are equipped with a flat-screen TV. Some rooms have a seating area to relax after a busy day. Hotel also has connecting rooms. There is a coffee machine and a private bathroom with a bath and bidet, as well as free toiletries.

Hotel has a 24-hour front desk, a business center, a hairdresser and a children's club. You can recharge yourself in spa and sauna. Hotel has 11 restaurants serving delicious dishes from different cuisines of the world in a lively atmosphere.

Free private parking and free Wi-Fi are available on site.

"Dubai" Fountain is 2.6 km from Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City, Museum of the Future is 7.6 km away, and Al-Farouk Umar ibn Al-Khattab Mosque is 5.6 km. Dubai International Airport is 13 km away. Hotel offers a free shuttle bus to various beaches and Dubai Mall.


Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City


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