«RusWoodLogistics 2022»

International conference

31 March 2022
St. Petersburg, Russia
We invite you to take part in RusWoodLogistics 2022 conference which will be held on the 31st of March in Saint-Petersburg, “Saint-Petersburg” hotel. Conference is devoted to various aspects of timber-pulp and paper complex logistics in Russia.

Russia is one of the largest world market wood and timber products supplier. Moreover, the sawn timber export has been growing for seven years in a row – Russia confidently ranks second in the world rapidly closing the gap between the leading Canada (from 45 to 15% over the past five years). These figures reflect the current development of the industry in Russia - the movement towards deep processing. For more than 10 years, quotas and duties on the export of untreated forest have been increasing in the country. And from the 1st of January 2022, a complete ban on the untreated or roughly processed wood export will be introduced.

Paper and cardboard exports increased by 0.2% to 3.23 million tons in 2020, slightly improving on last year's historical high. The growth is recorded for the sixth year in a row. The growth is recorded for the sixth year in a row. In value terms, exports amounted to $ 2 billion. In the world, Russia is at the top of the second ten countries in the world in terms of total paper and cardboard exports, but it firmly ranks second after Canada in newsprint, and second after Sweden in bag paper.

The exports growth and government regulation affect the logistics development: specialized forest ports are becoming a thing of the past and containerization is growing. Today the forest cargo and timber-pulp products transportation accounts more than a quarter of all container shipments by the Russian Railways network and more than 60% of container exports from Russia. At the same time, in 2017, the containerization of lumber was 21%, in 2020 this figure exceeds 50%. The direction of export is also changing. More and more cargo goes to China which deprives a certain share of exports to the ports of the North-West of Russia. The ban on timber exports will further change the foreign trade and domestic transport logistics. We will discuss these and other trends at the RusWoodLogistics 2022 conference.

Also, among the conference topics:

  • river transportations via internal water routes: status and prospects;
  • the dry ports role in the lumber and paper logistics;
  • timber freight market analysis;
  • logistics technological innovations;
  • forest cargo containerization;
  • new sales markets and logistics features in these areas;
  • rail transport: fleet balance, operator plans, ways to efficiency improvement.
RusWoodLogistics 2022 is a unique meeting place for communication between timber producers, timber-pulp industry representatives, stevedoring companies, railway, container and Ro-Ro lines, shipowners, freight brokers, freight forwarders, traders, and surveyors. Participation in the conference will provide a unique opportunity to get practical information, listen to the experts’ and leading analysts’ opinions. Expected number of participants 100+.

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