«MARITRADE 2024: Maritime, Trade & Supply Chain»

International conference

17-18 September 2024
Istanbul, Turkey
We invite you to participate in the international conference MARITRADE 2024: Maritime, Trade & Supply Chain, which will take place on September 17-18, 2024 in Istanbul.

Global conflicts and climate change are increasingly impacting commodity trade critically dependent on maritime transportation. The situation between Russia and Ukraine, Houthi attacks on merchant ships, and the shallowing of the Panama Canal – these factors have radically increased risks for shipping and altered transportation flows.

How are these factors already affecting commodity trade? What will happen to freight rates in the near future? How to maintain supply chain resilience under these conditions? How can exporters and traders minimize maritime risks? We will answer these and other questions during the MARITRADE 2024: Maritime, Trade & Supply Chain conference, which will be held on September 17-18 , 2024 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Other topics at the conference include:

  • Global trends in marine insurance losses;
  • Insurance solutions for shipowners and charterers in the Black Sea and other hotspots;
  • Sanctions and their impact on maritime transportation of Russian commodity cargoes;
  • Opportunities and risks of transportation via alternative routes;
  • The state of the bulk carrier freight market in the Baltic, Mediterranean and Black Seas.
The MARITRADE 2024: Maritime, Trade & Supply Chain conference aims to bring together all key players in the marine insurance market, freight brokers, shipowners, traders from EEC and MENA countries, as well as exporters of grain, fertilizers, coal, metals and other goods from Russia and the CIS countries.

The conference will unite key decision makers, leading experts and analysts, providing unique opportunities for business discussions and networking in both formal and informal settings.

In a closed, private setting, we will discuss effective ideas for solving pressing problems that have affected the maritime transportation of Russian cargoes.

Friendly and cosmopolitan Istanbul, being a center of regional maritime trade, is the most suitable venue for such important business meetings.

After the business part of the conference, a gala dinner will be held in a unique and mysterious place - the Philoxenos Cistern, an ancient underground reservoir of Constantinople, located in the historic center of Istanbul in the Sultanahmet district between the ancient Forum of Constantine and the Hippodrome.

The second day will be entirely dedicated to informal networking during an extraordinary tour of Istanbul's historic center. You will climb the ancient fortress walls, see the mysterious Golden Gate, descend into underground reservoirs, and taste unique Turkish cuisine in a "locals" restaurant by the walls of the majestic aqueduct.

Conference Program


Conference Participants


Participation Terms

September 17, 2024:

  • 68,000 rubles | 680 euros if registered and paid before April 19, 2024

  • 78,000 rubles | 780 euros if registered and paid before May 12, 2024

  • 88,000 rubles | 880 euros if registered and paid after May 12, 2024

*Payment possible in USD at internal exchange rate

The fee includes:
  • Participation in the conference on September 17, 2024;
  • Lunch, coffee breaks as per program;
  • QR code access at the event to the private website section with conference program, participant list, exhibitor catalog with contacts, ability to view and download presentation materials;
  • Conference materials;
  • Listing in the electronic conference catalog with company brief, contacts and logo;
  • Post-conference materials (photo report, presentations, participant catalog) in electronic format;
  • Maritrade Dinner - evening reception on September 17, 2024.

Registration Fee FOR PARTICIPATION IN THE TOUR PROGRAM September 18, 2024*:

  • 30,000 rubles | 300 euros if registered and paid before April 19, 2024

  • 40,000 rubles | 400 euros if registered and paid after April 19, 2024

* Limited spots. Only for main program participants.

The fee includes:
  • Extraordinary tour of Istanbul's historic center. You will climb the ancient fortress walls, see the mysterious Golden Gate, descend into underground reservoirs, taste unique Turkish cuisine at a "locals" restaurant by the majestic aqueduct walls and see many other interesting sights.
  • Lunch with local cuisine and beverages

  • For 3 or more participants from one company - 10%

Additional Advertising Opportunities:
  • Remote participation (listing in e-catalog, promotional materials at venue) - 48,000 RUB
  • Promotional materials at venue - 40,000 RUB
  • Full-color ad module (A4 format) in e-catalog - 18,000 RUB
  • Logo on conference lanyards - 200,000 RUB
  • Ad video during coffee/lunch breaks - 80,000 RUB
  • Mobile banner at venue - 70,000 RUB

Customized sponsorship packages available upon request.

Place of holding

Sofitel Istanbul Taksim
Istanbul, Turkey

The conference will be held at the Sofitel Istanbul Taksim hotel, where the inimitable atmosphere of the Bosphorus combines with French luxury.

The Sofitel Istanbul Taksim hotel is the quintessence of elegance and luxury, where European heritage blends with Turkish culture. This luxurious hotel in the center of Istanbul on Taksim Square is close to major attractions.

From the windows of the Sofitel Istanbul Taksim in the historic theater and concert hall building from the 1970s in the city center, stunning views of Taksim Square and the captivating Bosphorus open up.

Discover Turkey - a country where the past uniquely intertwines with the present - in the comfort of a 5-star hotel with rooms and suites with sea views, an authentic spa, impeccable restaurants and bars (including a rooftop), and the Club Millesime, suitable for business meetings.

Sofitel Istanbul Taksim offers guests an exceptional 5-star stay in Istanbul and is perfect for tourism, relaxation and work. Enjoy a stay in the center of Istanbul, just minutes from the Karaköy, Taksim and Nisantasi districts.

The Sofitel Istanbul Taksim, next to Taksim Square, is a 1-minute walk from the central metro station. Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque and the Bosphorus Strait are a 10-minute drive away.


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MARITRADE 2024: Maritime, Trade & Supply Chain

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