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The Mass Median on US

02.04.2010 SPETSTECH Returning from Black Sea Forum International Conference Port Infrastructure 2010

22.06.2009 Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port and IPP to Develop Investment Cooperation

22.06.2009 TRANSNEFT to Stabilize Capacity

24.06.2009 Kazakhstan reconsiders the project of LPG shipment through Ukraine

15.06.2009 Saint Petersburg is preparing the berth

11.06.2009 Global container transportation recession will last for three years.

11.06.2009 Bronck outer harbor construction will be commenced in 2010

11.06.2009 Northern seaway will be accessible for container transportation in 15-20 years

05.06.2009 Loading little by little

27.05.2009 There are less bunker companies

07.04.2009 Customs reduced export

07.04.2009 Tuapse may refuse the cargo

05.04.2009 Sochi. Optimism of state officials and pessimism of observers.

05.04.2009 The future of Tuapse bulk terminal.

24.10.2008 The representatives of container business visited container terminal at "Novoroslesexport"

29.08.2008 Black Sea Forum 2008: Oil and LPG Terminals

20.07.2007 Here today, gone tomorrow

29.12.2007 Russian hubs push the limits

19.11.2007 Not loose the chance Novorossiysk can become the port number 2 in Russia

16.11.2007 The Black Sea: battlefield or market? Is there enough room for all?

06.11.2007 Container transportation


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