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27.02.2011 Port Vanino cargo throughput rises 0.5% to 463,300 tons

Freight volume handled by Vanino Commercial Sea Port (JSC Port Vanino) in January 2011 rose to 463,300 tons, a 0.5-percent gain as compared with January 2010, the companys press service reports.
In the reporting period exports handled by Port Vanino dropped by 15.6% and amounted to 187,600 tons, including coal - 80,500 tons, timber cargo 83,500 tons, nonferrous metals - 23,500 tons.
Imports flow via the port surged by 33% to 136,900 tons, of which 129,000 tons of alumina. Short sea trade declined 22.2% to 33,600 tons, including 22,200 tons of coal. Vanino - Kholmsk ferry service transported 105,200 tons of cargo (+17.1%).
In January, the company handled 90 vessels, of which 48 ferries, and 5,500 railcars. Container turnover amounted to 875 TEUs.
Vanino Commercial Sea Port (Port Vanino JSC) is the largest stevedoring company in the Russian Khabarovsk Territory. Port Vanino enables export/import flows to Japan, South Korea, China, Australia, U.S., other Asia Pacific countries and handles cargo shipments to north-eastern regions of Russia. Port Vaninos quay wall is about 2,5 km. The ports berths are part of the three major cargo handling facilities. Throughput of Vanino Port in 2010 increased by 0.2% to about 6 million tons.


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