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Conference Shipbuilding and offshore construction to develop Russian shelf in Arctic

   27-28 April
We kindly invite you to participate in the II International conference Shipbuilding and offshore construction to develop Russian shelf in Arctic, which is to be held in 27-28 of April 2009, in Anapa, at the Vityaz Hotel (50 kilometers from the port of Novorossiysk).

Conference Participants

State Agencies

RF Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology
  • Gryaznov Nikolaj Nikolaevich, councilor, department of geology and continental shelf resources of World's ocean, the Arctic and Antarctic, Department of State Policy and Regulation in the field of geology and resources tapping.
"State maritime rescue service"
  • By Sergei Belov, deputy director
Institute of coast guard of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation
  • Vladimir Belokov, chief
  • Andrei Egorov, executive secretary of coordinating and operating Council for shipbuilding of Frontier Services of the FSS of the Russian Federation
Frontier Service Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation
  • Viktor Patrushev, shipbuilding adviser of the first deputy director of the Front Service of FSS of the Russian Federation
  • Sergei Sukhov, deputy department head
Ministry for economic development of the Russian Federation
  • Alexander Zinekno, department head in Krasnodar
The State Duma of the Russian Federation
  • Artur Chilingarov, first deputy head of "Edinaya Rossiya" Faction United Russia

Ship repair yards

'Joint Shipbuilding Corporation'
  • Rustam Abdurahmanov, leading expert
'Amursk Shipyard'
  • Sergei Sidorov, first deputy general director on finance
  • Maksim Tsupko, deputy general director of marketing and foreign economic activity
Shipyard "Severnaya Verf" (Northern shipyard)
  • Rudakov Anatoly Vasilievich, chief designer
  • Fomichev Andrej Borisovich, general director
Sredne-Nevsky Shipbuilding plant
  • Vladimir Seredokho, general director

Shipping Companies

State Enterprise 'Atomflot'
  • Andrei Smirnov, deputy general director on operation
  • Viktor Dedyaev, fleet maintenance and repair department head
  • Leonid Pak, deputy shipbuilding department head

Oil companies

  • Erve Madeo, first deputy CEO, project vice-president
Oil Company 'Rosneft'
  • Andrei Kondratjev, leading expert of Design management department on advanced shelf projects.

Oil-loading terminals

Caspian pipeline consortium
  • Vitaliy Lysakov, financial system administrator

Manufacturing enterprises

'Norwegian Partners Marine'
  • Vladimir Semichev, branch head
  • Vadim Kondratjev, director of marketing
  • Sergei Polischuk, development director
  • Alexei Filipov, deputy general director
'Zeppelin Power Systems GmbH and Co.' Moscow branch
  • Oleg Prazdnikov, sales manager
Marine Bridge and Navigation Systems
  • Konstantin Smirnov, general director
  • Igor Morjakov, deputy general director, commercial department director
  • Alexander Efremov, maintenance department head, deputy director of security, data guarding and other engineering issues department
RWO GmbH Bremen
  • Henrik Friedenberger, Area Manager
ABB Russia
  • David Austin Pesten, Turbochargers
  • Tom Sand, sales manager
'Vineta', Ltd
  • Nataliya Podzerakina, deputy general financial director
  • Vitality Makarov, deputy director
  • Igor Sukhovinskiy, director
  • Leonid Pomeranets, deputy technical director
'Krasny Yakor', JSC
  • Dmitry Barykin, general director
  • Mikhail Gorin, director
  • Kozlov Alexander Vasilievich, director of branch in Saint Petersburg
  • Korolkov Viktor Olegovich, project manager

Scienfic and research Institutions, design organizations

'Marine Design'
  • Shimchuk Andrej Ivanovich, general director
Research Institute of Energetics
  • Jurizyn Andrej Viktorovich, deputy chief designer
Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute
  • A.V. Danilov, deputy director
  • Vladimir Likhomanov
'Zelenodolsk planning and design office'
  • Leonid Sharapov, general director
  • Gennadiy Boyko, director in Moscow office
  • Viktor Kashkin, design manager
Severnoye Design Bureau Joint Stock Company
  • Sergei Ovsyannikov, design manager
  • Dmitry Kiselev, design manage

Consulting and oilfield service companies

Acergy Services Ltd
  • Peter George, head of office
  • Denis Prikazchikov, regional development director
'Consulting and innovation company 'Service Naval Forces'
  • Sergei Mislavskiy, general director
  • Igor Kostechko, executive officer

Mass Media

'Oil of Russia' magazine
  • Kutuzova Mary Nikolaevna, editor
  • Soldatova Marina Alexandrovna, advertising executive


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