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Conference Shipbuilding and ship repair 2008

   2 december
We kindly invite you to participate in the conference ЂBlack Sea Forum: Shipbuilding and ship repair 2008ї, which is to be held on 2 of December 2008, in Gelendzhik, at ЂPrimoreї Hotel. For 15 year, which have passed from the beginning of market reforms in Russia, shipbuilding industry has come through one of the considerable recessions as compared with other industries. The level of capacities from 2002 to 2005 increased 6%, and in 2007 was at an average Ц 20-25%. Russian industry is almost absent on the world market of civil ships, losing not only China and Taiwan, but also such countries as: Ukraine, Croatia and Vietnam. Meanwhile, there has been a real boom in world shipbuilding. Rising demand for shipbuilding on the world market has given an impact for unprecedented activity in this industry. Obsolete technologies and fixed assets are also the reasons of long-term absent of orders at the Russian ship-yards. According to the Federal Agency of marine and river transport, the deterioration of machinery in engineering workshops of shipbuilding yards in 2006 Ц 85%, foundry shops Ц 73-75%, dock facilities Ц 65%. However, the interest of the state for shipbuilding industry has become clearer lately, and the situation is being rectified. The Russian economy is still growing. The Russian cargo carriers have been dealing with more and more quantity of cargoes: oil, gas, and products of processing industries. The market of water transport services is showing the steady growth, and the need in new vessels is obvious.

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