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Conference Oil and LPG Terminals

   02-03 July

The II International Conference "Black Sea Forum 2008: Oil and LPG terminals " 2-3 of July, Gelendzhik, the "Blue Wave" hotel

On 2-3 of July there is the II international conference "Black Sea Forum 2008 Oil and LPG terminals". The Conference is held with support of the Transport and Communication Department of Krasnodar Region and with support of Association of European Businesses in the Russian Federation.

Conference Program

Preliminary Program of the II International conference

Black Sea Forum 2008: Oil and LPG terminals

2-3 July, Gelendzhik, the 'Blue Wave' Hotel.

2nd of July

9.00-10.00 Participants' registration

Directorate of Marine transport development program

Development tendencies of specialized cargo-handling terminals in the South of Russia
Roman Mezhlumyan,monitoring international project department head

Federal antimonopoly service of the Russian Federation

the theme of the speech is being made exact
Alexander Pirozhenko,oil and gas industry controlling department head


The first LPG-terminal within the South of Russia
Agabek Badalov,general director

11.30-12.00 coffee-break


Oil products pipeline transportation 'Transneftproduct'.'Yug' project
Fillip Nikonov,vice-president


Black Sea export of Kazakhstan: status and prospects
Igor Ivachnenko,partner


LPG market of the Russian Federation and competitive markets
Tamara Kandelaki,general director


Oil and oil products market of the Russian Federation. Information and price guideposts
Pavel Strokov,business development and marketing director

13.30-14.30 business lunch


Develompent conception of Tuapse terminal
Andrei Botinov,first deputy general director


Oil and oil products transshipment through Black Sea ports. Condition and prospect
Anna Panovko,business development director


The role of Black Sea terminals in overall picture of supplies and their prospects in the light of current factors price formation and carbohydrates sales profitability
Alexander Ershov,editor

Central monitoring service of fuel and energy complex

Oil pipeline transportation by 'Transneft' pipeline. Potential and possibilities Southern direction
Olga Vronskaya,chief specialist of monitoring oil and gas industry department

16.00-16.30 coffee-break

Prime Group

"Improvement of commercial system of stock-tank-oil assessment within export oil terminals"
Sergei Gorbunov, deputy director of ASM

Group Companies NefteGasTop

Designing and construction experience of LPG marine export terminals
Boris Rachevskiy,president

Interfloat AG

'Aluminium pontoons and domical covers produced by Ultrafloat Company'
Faskhakov Damir,project head

Southen energy customs station Cental Energy Customs

Customs activity regulation in the sphere of oil, oil products and LPG transshipment
Konstantin Barsukov,deputy head

STS logistics

Custom's clearance and custom's control of oil and oil products and LPG. Peculiarities and possibilities of procedure change
Anna Litovchenko,custom department manager of STS logistics

19.00-23.00 evening reception on behalf of the Organizing Committee

3rd of July

10.00-11.00 Excursion to the 'Sheskharis' terminal

12.00-13.00 Excursion to the CPC terminal

More detailed information can be obtained at our website or by telephones in Novorossiysk + 7 (8617) 64-16-50, 64-17-80, E-mail:


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