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Conference Accession of Crimea. Risk for shipping

   19 June 2015
You are kindly invited to the International Conference Accession of Crimea. Risk for shipping which is to be held on June 19 in Saint Petersburg.

Conference Program

Session I.

What Legal Consequences Await the Shipowners in the Event of Calling at the Crimean Ports? Ukraines Actions and Analysis of Ukraines Legal Framework of Arresting the Vessels Entering the Ports of Crimea

  • Nikolai Golbin, Managing Partner, G&G (Ukraine)

Sanctions General Analysis, Risk Mitigation, Best Practices Overview

  • Andrei Suprunenko, Director, Remedy Law Firm

Outlook for Operation of Crimean Ports and Hazards for Shipowners

  • Mikhail Voitenko, Editor-in-Chief, Maritime Bulletin

Legal Consequences of Accession of Crimea to Russia for Sea Ports of the Peninsula. Issues of Exercising Public Functions by Harbor Masters in the Crimean Ports under the Circumstances

  • Sergei Glandin, Lecturer of International Law Department, Diplomatic Academy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

Session II.

Position of the Russian Federation Concerning the Rights to Use Crimean Ports. Horizons of the Kerch Strait Legal Status

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

Transport and Shipping Companies Working with the Ports of Crimea under Sanctions

  • Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation

Safety of Navigation and Safety at Sea off the Crimean Coast

  • FSUE Rosmorport

Session III

Particulars of Freight Operations with Unstable Countries (Iran, North Korea)

  • Anton Maslov, Broker, NORTROP

Policy of Cyprus and Turkey Regarding Northern Cyprus Ports. What Lessons can be Learnt?

Session is under development

Session IV

Specifics of Vessel Insurance when Operating the Fleet in the Crimean Ports

Can Asian Reinsurance Markets Become a Serious Alternative to Western Companies?

Session is under development


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