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Conference Port and Terminal Infrastructure Development 2011

   30 September 2011
We are pleased to announce the VI international conference Port and Terminal Infrastructure Development 2011 to be held on Friday, 301th September 2011 at Holiday Inn Pulkovskaya, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Conference Program


VIInternational Conference

Port and Terminal Infrastructure Development 2011

Session I

Application and Problems of Meeting Technical Regulations on Safety of Sea Transport Facilities and Port Hydraulic Structures

V. Menshikov, President of Association, MORPORTEXPERTIZA

Upgrade of Port Facilities by Means of the Latest Technologies and Materials

Alexei Kolgushkin, Head of Group of Ports, LENGIPRORECHTRANS

Application of Mathematical and Geophysical Methods in Design of Bank Protection Structures

Viktor Yavna, Professor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, UPK-Stroy

11.00-11.30 Coffee and Networking Break

Session II

/Topic to be confirmed/

Valery Goncharov, Commercial Director

Arseny Baukov, Leading Engineer

Up-to-Date Methods of Anticorrosive Protection of Hydraulic Structures by Massco Materials

Yuri Buziner, General Director, Industrial Coatings

Requirements to Materials for Repair and Protection of Reinforced Concrete Assembly of Hydraulic Structures

Alexei Rovensky, Head of Department Concrete Repair and Protection, BASF Construction Chemicals

13.00 – 14.00 Business-lunch

Session III

Simulation Modeling for Port Infrastructure Functionality as an Efficient Tool of Evaluating Project Solutions

Rafail Salikhov, General Director, Institute for Applied Research in Supply Chain and Logistics

/Topic to be confirmed/

Alexander Zhitnikov, Bartix (Igus)

/Topic to be confirmed/

Pipe Insulation Plant

Session IV /To be confirmed/


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