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Conference OIL & LPG TERMINALS - International Conference

   29 June 2010
Dear Sirs! We are pleased to announce the 4th international conference Oil & LPG terminals which is aimed at providing market participants with up-to-date tendencies of hydrocarbons shipment through the Black, Azov and Caspian Sea ports, government regulations of this branch of economy and latest outlook for oil products market.

Conference Program

International Conference
Tuesday 29th June 2010
Yalta-Intourist, Yalta, Ukraine

9.30 Arrival and registration (collect conference information from the Conference desk)

10.00 Session 1

10.00 Chairmans welcome: Sergei Evmenenko, General Manager, Black Sea Forum

10.05 Current Status and Outlook for Oil and LPG Terminals Development in Russia
Roman Mezhlumyan, Head, International Project Monitoring Division, FE Governments Procurement for sea transport development

10.30 Shipment of Oil and Oil Products Through Black Sea Ports: Current Status and Outlook
Anna Panovko, Director Business Development, Petromarket

10.50 Export of Caspian Oil: Transport Option, Trends, Challenges, Routes, Outlook
Igor Ivakhnenko, Independent Editor

11.10 Railway Transit of Oil-loading Cargoes Through the Territory of Ukraine
Valentin Skachkov, Leading Expert on Marketing, Transit Shipment Division, Ukrainian Railways

11.30 Coffee and networking break

11.30 Session 2

11.30 Oil and Gas Market in Russia: Export vs. Domestic Market Which Way does the Tide Flow?
Pavel Strokov, Director Marketing and Business Development, KORTES Publishing house

12.00 Implementation of New Pipeline Projects by TRANSNEFTEPRODUCT and TRANSNEFT: Estimated Cost
Phillip Nikonov, Advisor to General Manager, NEFTETRANSSERVICE

12.30 Evaluating Traditional Export Routes and New Pipeline Projects
Alex Ershov, editor, REUTERS

13.00 Business-lunch

14.00 Session 3

14.00 Comparing Transport Constituent in Oil and Gas Export by Various Routes (Terminals of Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic)
Alexei Bezborodov, General Manager, InfraNews

14.30 LPG Export from Russia and the Turkish Market
Mert Sarp, Supply Coordinator, Lukoil Eurasia Petrol JSC

15.00 LPG Logistics
Olga Galkina, Deputy Director on Logistics, SPETSTRANSGARANT

15.30 Ultrasound Technologies Applied at Oil, Products & LPG Export Terminals
Vladimir Smyshlyaev, VP, KROHNE Oil & Gas

17.00 Wine Sampling & Excursion at Massandra Plant

18.30 Close of the Day, Evening Reception on behalf of the Organizing Committee


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