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Conference Oil Terminals and Tanker Fleet

   14-15 December 2007
On 14-15 of December there was an International conference: "Oil terminals and tanker fleet" in Novorossiysk. The major themes of discussion were modern technologies used to ensure safe transportation of oil and oil products. In particular, one of the themes: preliminary risk assessment by home oil and tanker companies was taken up for consideration. Executive director of "Tanker Vetting Service Ltd" Andrei Voloshin said: "We had alerted our clients on poor technical vessel's condition, which sank in Kerchenskiy channel during the storm in November, and it was strange that the vessel was allowed to put to sea. Taking into account the prognoses made by our specialists, our clients didn't freight the tanker in question."

Conference Program

14 December

9.30 10.00 participants' registration.

1. Welcoming speech by the representative of Transport and Communication Department of Krasnodar Region.
Gregory Minaev, director

2. The speech by InforTEK-CONSULT
Oil and oil products export from Russia to the Mediterranean region

3. The speech by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Energy
The state policy regarding Russian oil products (hydrocarbons) transportation

4. The speech by the Transport and Communication Department of Krasnodar Region
Construction new oil facilities in Krasnodar Region: tendencies and prospect
Gregory Minaev, director

5.The speech by Novorossiysk commercial sea por
On development prospect of specialized oil and oil products facilities within NCSP
Dmitry Bolotov, first deputy general director

11.30 11.45 coffee- break

6. The speech by Transoil/ Rusoil
Pipe-line contraction Burgos- Alexanderpole new possibilities for Russian export

7. The speech Azovo-Donskoe shipping company
Oil and oil products transportation problems from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea and Volzhskiy basins by river type vessels

8. The speech by Palmolive company
Mixed voyage efficiency to develop cargo-flows from the Caspian region as a transit one from the CIS to Black and the Mediterranean Seas ports. The Palmolive company experience

9. The speech by Single Buoy Moorings Inc.
Terminal lowering units usage when contracting new terminals and developing existing berth facilities
Roman Almakaev, regional sales manager

10. The speech by CPC-R
CPC falsities development: cargo-flow effects in the Caspian and Black Sea Regions

11. The speech by Eltrans
Security system creation on sea oil terminals. The Novorossiysk port experience

13.00 14.00 business lunch at the restaurant of the 'Nadezhda' Hotel

12. The speech by Novorossiysk shipping company
The investment program of Novorossiysk shipping company

13. The speech by Sovcomflot (it means Modern commercial fleet) JSC
Underutilization of fleet capacity problems while energy carriers transportation

14. The speech by Gulf Agency Company (Novorossiysk)
The freight market in Azove-Black Seas basins in 2007: Results, tendencies and prognosis

15. The speech by
The policy of Kazakhstan in the sphere of energy carriers transportation

16. The speech by
The Black Sea straits problems: is there a solution?

15.30 15.45 coffee-break

17. The speech by
New channels project for the Caspian and Azov Seas. Utopia or reality?

18. The speech by Argus Media Group
The oil-flow prognoses in Caspian region, including Black Sea port complexes. The transit struggle
Rauf Guseinov, analyst

19. The speech by Greenoak Holdings
The future of Georgia oil terminals

17.00 -19.00 free time

19.30 22.00 evening reception at the restaurant Trophy


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