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Conference Black Sea container transportation: trends and prospect.

   19-20 october 2007
In October 2007 there is the First International Conference "Black Sea Forum: Black Sea Container Transportation. Tendencies and Prospect". The major goal of the meeting is to show the guests and delegates that there has been a steady growth of Black Sea terminals development and in the first place development of port of Novorossiysk.

Conference Program

Program of 'Black Sea Forum 2007'

19th of October

9.30 10.00 participants' registration.

1. Welcoming speech of the representative of Transport and Communication Department of Krasnodar Region.
Gregory Minaev, director

2. Report of Global container service
Container Transportation within the South of Russia: results, problems and prospect

Andrei Naraevskiy, marketing and development director

3. Report of JSC Novoroslesexport
Container terminal modernization of JSC 'NLE'. Results and prospect

George Antonyan, general director

4. Report of JSC Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port
'On prospect of specific facilities development for container handling by JSC 'NCSP''

Igor Vilinov, general director

5. Report of National container company Ltd.
Black Sea container terminals development plans of NCC

Valentin Varvarenko, vice-president of the Southern region

11.30 11.45 coffee break

6. Report of 'Transport group ' FESCO'
The South Sea Gate of Russia: importance and vitality

Sergei Kozlov, container transportation first deputy of general director

7. Report of JSC Transcontainer
Organization experience of direct container trains Novorossiysk-Moscow. Problems and prospect

8. Report of ARKAS Russia
Prospect of the LineEMES on Russian market

Mahmet Yavuz, regional manager

13.00 14.00 business lunch at the restaurant of the 'Nadezhda' Hotel

14.30 15.30 excursion to the terminal of JSC 'Novoroslesexport'

15.30 16.30 - excursion to the terminal of JSC 'NCSP'

17.00 18.00 excursion to champagne factory 'Abrau-Durso'

19.00 22.00 evening reception on behalf of organizers at the restaurant 'Nautilus'

20th of October

10.30 the beginning of the second day of the conference

1. Report of Holding 'Stareg' Ltd.
Container transpiration infrastructure development in Ural Region. Prospect of increasing international container transportation within Ural Region through ports of the Southern basin

Sergei Shavzis, vice-president

2. Report of GP Odessa Commercial Sea Port
Container terminal development in the port of Odessa

3. Report of 'Kalmar' Ltd.
/The theme is being made more exact/

4. Report of GP Ilyichevsk Commercial Sea Port
Container transshipment: foreign and domestic preconditions and its (transshipment) organization in Ilychevsk Commercial Sea Port

Gennady Skvortsov, the head of the port

5.Report of Infranews
What prevents Black Sea container transportation development

Alexei Bezborodov, general director

12.00 12.15 coffee-break

6. Report of BSSS Company
Freight market within Azov-Blacksea basin 2007: facts, tendencies, predictions

Laslo Sabov, general director

7. Report of Global container service
Feeder transportation organization in the port of Novorossiysk. Gained experience from 'Russian Container Company'

Vasiliy Kozlobaev, general director

8. Report of STS LOGISTICS Novorossiysk
New cargo-flow logistics big possibilities for the South

Valentin Vigdorovich, director

9. Report of 'Novomorsnab' Ltd.
Development prospect of lay-by logistic junctions by example of 'Novomorsnab' Ltd.

Alexei Garmash, head of forwarding department

13.30 14.30 business lunch at the restaurant of the 'Nadezhda' Hotel

15.00 15.30 sea voyage across the harborage

15.30 16.30 excursion to the terminal of JSC 'NUTEP

17.00 18.00 excursion to the rare terminal

19.00 21.00 excursion to argro-firm Myskhak: wine-tasting and dinner in the wine-pub.


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