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Baltic Grain 2019

04 October 2019
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Conference 2019: Baltic Grain 2019

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CONFERENCE "Baltic Grain 2019"

   04 October 2019
We are pleased to announce the 1st international conference Baltic Grain 2019 to be held on October 4 in Hotel Courtyard St. Petersburg Center West Pushkin, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Good day!

We are pleased to announce the 1st international conference Baltic Grain 2019 to be held on October 4 in Hotel Courtyard St. Petersburg Center West Pushkin.

The Baltic region is the important grain supplier. Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania hit the TOP-25 of the world′s grain exporters. For Russia the Baltic Sea ports are becoming increasingly interesting. At the moment the volumes of grain shipments are rather humble, however the dynamics here is quite substantial. For example, in the agrarian season of 2017/2018 volumes of grain freight by railway from Russia to the Baltic ports more than doubled to 1.6 million tons. The Baltic ports of Russia ramped up transhipment from 882 thousand tons to 971 thousand tons.

FAS USDA has raised Russia′s wheat harvesting forecast to 79 million tons this year. The Russian Federation is expected to become the wheat export world′s leader for the third year in a row. As you may know, Russia has increased export of this crop by 55.5 percent since 2014. Meanwhile, many Baltic countries demonstrated a dramatic drop in wheat export sales last year: Germany (minus 62.2 percent decrease), Poland (minus 50.6 percent), Lithuania (minus 41.7 percent).

—ombination of record-breaking yields and strong demand for Russian grain is driving out previous conventional suppliers such as the USA, Europe and Australia. Russia is active to enter brand new markets in South and Central Americas. The biggest volume is secured by Russia′s wheat export to Mexico – up to 700 thousand tons per year (over 10 percent of import). In Nicaragua, the share of Russian grain ranges between 50-80 percent; Russia is also satisfying up to half of Haiti′s import needs. Deliveries to Venezuela started in 2017 and covered 1/4 of the market right away. Sub-Saharan Africa became the second important destination of wheat export from Russia in 2017. In Sudan, Tanzania, Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi grain from Russia accounts for more than 50 percent of import; in the Republic of South Africa, Cameroon, Mozambique, Senegal, Ghana, Uganda, DR Congo – between 1/3 and 1/2; in Nigeria, Mauritania, Zimbabwe, Malawi – from 1/5 to 1/3. Minor supplies are also destined for Northwest Europe – these have been on the rise for three years at a stretch: to the Netherlands (Russian share in grain import is 2%), Great Britain (3%), Norway (14%).

Significant export volumes to these destinations are easier to be dispatched through the Baltic Sea ports. But Russia has no specialized grain terminals in this region (except for Kaliningrad). Given the possibility that shipments to East Africa and Central America could experience a threefold increase in the nearest future, lack of port capacities may become a serious obstacle for this development.

Grain cargo logistics is going to be a key topic at the Baltic Grain 2019 Conference.

Among the other Conference topics:

  • Global and Baltic grain and oilseed markets: main outcomes and forecasts for 2019/20;

  • Investment plans for grain terminals construction;

  • Current status of the Baltic freight market;

  • Prospects and challenges of grain cargo containerization.


Economic development agency of Leningrad region

Logistics projects investments support in Leningrad region

Sergeev Andrey, director


Russian Export Center

State measures to support the creation of export-oriented infrastructure projects within the framework of the Federal project «Export of agricultural products«

Solomin Sergey, Head of Territorial administration in Saint-Petersburg


North-Western department of FA «Rosheldor»

Long-term prospects of railway infrastructure development on the approaches to the Baltic sea ports

Kamenir Nikita, manager



Nothern Europe and Baltic countries market: grains season 2019/2020 prospects

Blazhko Victoria, grain markets analyst


Centre for Grain Safety and Quality Assessment Agricultural Supervision of Russia

Russian grain exports to new markets prospects

Koroleva Julia, Director


The Institute for Agricultural Market Studies (IKAR)

Medium-term forecast for grain exports from Russia and Kazakhstan. Key trends and future directions

Sukhanov Oleg, head of grain direction


International Grains Council (IGC) report

Grain market: challenges of the season-2018/19, expectations for 2019/20

Boris Turkin, Commodities Analyst

Refinitiv / Thomson Reuters report

Export opportunities of Russia and Ukraine in the grain sector: expert′s view

Malysh Svetlana, analyst of agrarian markets of the Black Sea region


Problems and ways of development of agro-logistics in the Baltic region

Pavenskiy Igor, strategic marketing department director

Morstroytechnology report

Trends and problems of infrastructure development for grain export in Russia

Gopkalo Olga, leading specialist

SEA LINES report

Freight market conditions in the Baltic, Black-Azov and Caspian basins

Kulikov Alexander, CEO

Yu. A. Izrael Institute of Global Climate and Ecology report

Climate change and state in Russia and neighboring countries overview

Bardin Mikhail, Head of Department

Participation in the conference will give you a unique opportunity to learn about " know-how" of the latest trends in the grain market, listen the recommendations of experts, lead analysts and representatives of executive authorities.

  • Conference participation fee is EUR 400 if registered before the 1st of September, 2019.

  • After the 1st of September the registration fee will be EUR 500.


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